Fee Earner Targets

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Fee Earner Targets/budgets can be set which can be used on KPI Dashboards to compare against the actual figure or for reporting.

There are three types of Fee Targets. Billing, Collected and WIP.  Fee Earners are able to view their target set under KPI Widget on their Dashboard and compare it against their actual billed or collected fees.


Entering Fee Targets

1. To set up a fee target set, select Settings then Firm Settings and scroll down to Fee Targets.

2. Click on Add Target Set.

3. Add a Name under Fee Target Set Name.  Then select a start Month and Year.

Under Fee Target Set, select Billing from the drop down menu, then click on Save at the bottom of the page. If the targets are to be used in the Dashboards, tick used for dashboard. 

4. Click on the Grid icon to open the target set to add employees.

 5.Click on Add Fee Target Entry, then type in an employee name. 

6. Enter a target amount in the first month and then click on Copy to All for other months.  Alternatively the amount can be manually entered by typing in manually month by month. 

7.Select the Save button at the end of each entry. Click on Add Fee Target Entry to add more employee targets. 

8. Once all targets have been entered, click on Publish Target Set.  You can create a fee target set based on Collection and WIP by following the same instructions.

Importing Fee Target

1. To import a fee target set select Actions and then select Export fee targets for data entry.
An Excel template will be downloaded in your computer.

2. Open the Excel template, select an employee from the drop down menu in column A - Employee. Enter an amount in the first month column and fill out the rest of the months.  Follow the same instructions for all other employees.

3. Once targets are completed for all employees, save the template.

4. Click Actions again and select Import fee target set entries from the drop down menu.

5. Upload the attachment from your computer and then select Upload at the bottom of the screen.

6. The Target set will populate on screen. Click on Publish fee target set to publish it.

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